We Do – Agile in the age of online dating

I recently attended a wedding for some dear friends, during the speeches they spoke of their first meeting initially arranged courtesy of a dating app.  Talking with other couples at the wedding, today this is the norm rather than the exception. And why shouldn’t it be, in our busy connected worlds, dating applications have taken the place that the workplace, holidays and clubs used to occupy when I started my career. Dating applications give us all the ability to meet the love of our lives, no longer limited by the local geography of where we live. Meeting people in other cities, other states and even other countries is now considered normal. I remember when dating applications first appeared on the scene, they were greeted with some hostility – considered impersonal and artificial.

I’d argue, what can be more personal than putting yourself out there to find love, judging by my friends the outcome has been pretty successful.

This progressive march of technology in ‘matters of the heart’, started me thinking how much we have advanced in this information age. My field of specialty is project management, 25ish years ago when I started in the industry, we were using Method 1 and PMW, this was the early heady days of project management, years prior to Prince2 and project tools like Microsoft Project. Agile wasn’t even a ‘thing’ back then, just finishing a project on time and on budget was considered miraculous enough – let alone doing it with speed in mind. I distinctly remember the shift from PMW to Microsoft Project and Method 1 to Prince2 or PMBoK, it naturally took time for PMs to adjust but transition we did. I don’t remember the angst of change at the time, perhaps I was too excited to try something new and use this new tool called ‘MS Project’, the Jira of its day.

Similar to dating, we needed a more efficient and effective way to delivery projects – a project methodology for the information age.

Agile is the answer, however it’s still a little like climate change, while the results are clear not everyone is convinced. We don’t have time for a slow transition to agile and agile-deniers, unlike the move to Prince2, the business environment, we all operate in, needs faster more reliable delivery – delivered….well yesterday.  If as a society we can embrace buying shoes online, ordering our takeaway from a ride sharing app, streaming our TV and yes dating online then I’m sure the rapid adoption of agile is a no-brainer.

Build the case for ‘why’, train and support all your people and start embracing the Agile Way.

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