IT Financial Management

Understand your true cost of service and use this information to make informed decisions

“Implementing ITFM and gaining the value of IT cost insight is not as easy as simply buying a tool and clicking Next, Next, Next”

IT Financial Management is a discipline ensuring that IT infrastructure is obtained at the most cost effective price (not necessarily the cheapest), calculating the cost of providing IT services and enabling decision makers to understand the costs of its IT services and make informed decisions. Ideally this ends with cost recovery from the customer of the service.

Understanding your true cost to serve and using this information to make informed decisions is not an easy task. Typically organisations struggle with answering even the simplest of Service consumption and IT cost related questions:

  • What is my actual current IT spend?
  • How do I identify the breakup across departments?
  • What are the components of each Business Service?
  • What is the correct way to measure usage?
  • Do I have data available to measure the usage?


The informed team all bring 20+ years of experience to every customer engagement. We've seen what works and importantly what doesn't, to get you where you need to be without the speed bumps.


The Hybrid Cloud landscape is constantly evolving. Leveraging an innovative methodology, operating model and technology stack, informed will help you deliver todays Hybrid Cloud not yesterdays infrastructure architecture.


We don't consider our job done when the technology is delivered. Our commitment is informed will be there until it's optimised, supportable by your teams and with a clear service roadmap.

Our Team

Daryl Bishop

Daryl as well as running the business, works with customers to develop the operating model needed to deliver and operate an optimised Hybrid Cloud

Nick Smith

Founder | CTO
Nick is obsessed with Hybrid Cloud technology, designing and delivering the best combination of existing and new technologies for every organisation

Maria Bishop

Director Operations
Maria makes informed run. Our voice of reason and head of programs ensures that we always over deliver above and beyond our customers expectations

Steven Douek

Director Hybrid Cloud
Steve is informed's resident financial and commercial guru. From bullet proof business case to service costing frameworks and procurement strategy
“Informed represent a unique combination of expertise in IT and the capacity to engage with the business in an accessible way. The Informed team is a pleasure to engage and work with, sharing our own organizational values which commit us to integrity, quality and value for money.”
Louise Gray
Principal Executive Corporate Services | CARE Australia