We Do – Agile in the age of online dating

I recently attended a wedding for some dear friends, during the speeches they spoke of their first meeting initially arranged courtesy of a dating app.  Talking with other couples at the wedding, today this is the norm rather than the … Read More

Why ‘fail fast’ is all wrong

“As a company, we’re going to fail fast. This is our innovation secret sauce that will power us to beat our competitors and deliver the absolute best in customer service” How many times have we heard words in a similar … Read More

Hybrid Cloud Cost Models

For a full whitepaper on this topic, check out https://www.informed.io/resources/hybrid-cloud-considerations The new way of looking at the Cost of Cloud There is a lot of hype around hybrid cloud and the IT/business community is divided on the cost benefit. Some … Read More

Hybrid Cloud in 100 Days

A couple of weeks ago we ran an event in Melbourne called Hybrid Cloud in 100 Days. For those in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Auckland we’ll be heading your way soon. In the meantime though, what are we on about? … Read More

This is a thought experiment

What if we are on the verge of a major structural business shift that results in the removal of the software sector in its entirety. The year is 2027, Jade 25 like many of her generation is a business creative. … Read More

Robots want your job

Last year my local Melbourne newspaper; ‘The Age’ ran an article titled “We’ve hit peak human and an algorithm wants your job”. I found this interesting not because of the article itself but more because of the wave of automation … Read More