At Informed, we do things differently, we'll walk the talk with a totally different approach to designing & delivering your strategy




The collaborative creation of your IT strategy.  A clear strategic vision, supported by a thorough execution plan and business case to bridge the gap between strategy and delivery.



 The design and implementation of a strategy is only as good as the adoption.  Informed understand people and the right way to transform your organisation alongside your technology



 IT strategy is not the end result. Only when a strategy enables an organisation to lead the pack in capability and efficiency of operations does it deliver value in the eyes of the business

Informed is a strategy services company born from the exasperation of seeing too many IT strategies relegated to the top drawer rather than being a beacon to guide your IT future.


Our team is made up of individuals with an average of 15-20 years experience across all IT disciplines. At heart we all started as engineers, and still keep a propeller handy, so we know how hard it can be to translate business vision into technology reality. But it can be done. We leverage the knowledge gained from completing strategy engagements with an ever growing list of customers across the region, to fast-track the creation of your strategy.

Whether you have an existing strategy or have us create one with you, we will provide a detailed set of activities needed to implement a successful roadmap and a full ROI/TCO model to support it. An Informed strategy answers the important questions. Where do I start? How much is it going to cost? What savings am I going to achieve, what do I need to do? and how long will it take? Answers not Opinions, that's the Informed way. Want to learn more, why not get in touch.


Its all about you. Your strategy, not ours

Through custom designed workshops, watercooler chats, customer experience mapping and red team sessions, together we’ll create your strategy.

No generic find and replace. From the very beginning it is a strategy built with and for your business


Unwaivering focus on delivery

We don't believe that a PowerPoint/Word document who's size puts War and Peace to shame is the best way to get a  strategy delivered.

An Informed strategy focusses on the information you need to transform.  No high-level motherhood statements here


Vendor & technology agnostic

We've all worked for multiple vendors each with multiple technology solutions.  The choices for todays customer can be overwhelming.

Our strategy approach focusses on the right fit, not a pre-determined solution looking for a problem


Daryl Bishop
Founder & Director

Nick Smith
Founder & Director

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Maria Bishop
Director People and Projects

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Steven Douek
Senior Strategist


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