Delivering Modern IT

The Hybrid Cloud Experts

At Informed, we walk the talk with a totally different approach to designing & building your hybrid cloud


A lightweight design, leveraging best practice architecture from people who know Hybrid Cloud. All to get you up and running with a production grade Hybrid Cloud in record time.


Leveraging extensive automation, the build of your Hybrid Cloud should be measured in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Building the cloud your business wants, fast.


 Running an effective Hybrid Cloud at scale requires new ways of working and an agile infrastructure practice. These combined will deliver new service offerings differentiating you to your customers.

Who are we?


Informed is the “hybrid cloud company” we help you build the cloud that your business, developers, IT and your CFO want

Cloud computing has become a matter of fact for the vast majority of businesses and even more so for consumers. The drift of data systems from on-premise and traditional IT infrastructures to the hybrid cloud has been gaining momentum and will continue to increase speed. Businesses are changing. Unstoppable and unpredictable data growth, high energy costs, cuts in IT budgets and the ever-increasing expectation to align business and IT has been a major challenge facing all organisations in today’s business world.

 Customers wanting to embrace the future that is hybrid cloud, naturally expect that building a hybrid cloud should be easy, just like the Azure, AWS and Google public cloud experience. Instead they are faced with a daunting task involving complex implementation, high cost, large integration effort and high operational overhead to deliver an experience that at best provides a sub-par hybrid cloud experience. At Informed we’ve developed and delivered a hybrid cloud platform that can be implemented quickly, comprises best in category technologies and delivers to the hybrid cloud promise of being the most cost-effective creators’ cloud of choice available today.




We believe hybrid cloud is built from the ground up with the category leading technologies integrated and automated to seamlessly work together to deliver a rich developer and customer experience

No one vendor trying to own the whole stack, one platform focused on delivering great business outcomes


Hybrid cloud doesn’t start and end at the technology, how the hybrid cloud is run can make or break the success of cloud

At informed we have developed a lightweight operating model, support organisation structure and training program to make sure your people are ready


Never standing still

Building your hybrid cloud is one thing, developing the cadence to continually deliver new services is another

We haven’t stopped when your developers and customers start provisioning services, instead we help you develop the engine to continually be releasing to support business innovation