At Informed the use of phrases like "it's a journey", "the speed of business" or "paradigm shift" ensure a contribution to the swear jar. No motherhood statements rather clear data points, rationale and detailed actions so you can start implementing yesterday.
Our software platform provides strategy access on any device, to information that is always current, in an interactive and flexible way that changes as your business does.



Todays business needs to be continually running, adapting to new market conditions, customer requirements and the ever increasing pace of technology. So how does a strategy delivered only in static PowerPoint or Word help your business lead change…after all isn’t that what strategy is supposed to do!
The Informed Strategy Platform is designed with change in mind. When priorities or conditions within your business change, a strategy created and delivered on the Informed platform can be immediately updated, tested and the change of plan executed. That’s how you turn an oil tanker like a speedboat.

Built for Delivery.

At Informed we believe a strategy is not finished until it’s delivered. The Informed platform is designed with strategy execution in mind.

  • Better Together - A common platform that brings the PMO and strategists into the same tent, linking strategy vision to project actions
  • Project Run - Project management capability including sprint and Gannt management views.
  • Accountable - Full financial visibility including historical, projected and ‘what if’ scenario analysis views
  • Manage not Admin - A fully featured and customisable presentation view, enabling visually stunning presentation of strategy and project< status in real-time with no preparation required

The key to delivery is bringing the PM and Strategy teams together to work collaboratively, the Informed platform enables this


Easy to Use.

The creativity of da Vinci, the vision of Jobs, the acumen of Buffet and the execution of Ford…that’s what you need to create successful strategy today.

Enter the Informed platform, designed with you in mind we realise you want to be focused on creating and delivering strategy, not buried in user manuals or moving boxes in PowerPoint.

  • Start creating - Data entry and presentation is simple to understand and use. Our algorithms and presentation designs will do the rest
  • Personalised – Whether you’re a PM, EA or CIO the platform is customisable to suit your role
  • Help is just around the Corner – Our Slack based support process means we’re right next to you, ‘cannot’ is not a word we understand
  • We don’t think you’ll ever go back to the old way, so jump in and give the 14 day trial a go, no credit card, no spam…we promise


What if I moved a resource from this project to another, what is the impact both on delivery timeframes and in realising the strategic value? Should I be accelerating strategy delivery, is it beneficial hiring additional resources now to fast track delivery?

Normally these questions require painstaking weeks of analysis, creating complex scenario spreadsheets. Not with the Informed platform, deep strategic insights and ‘what if’ analysis will speed decision making and ensure decisions are underpinned by data points