Informed is a services and software company born from the exasperation of seeing too many IT strategies being relegated to the top drawer rather than being a beacon to guide your IT future.


We do things differently. Sure, you're thinking, different like every other "different" consulting company. At Informed we'll walk the talk with a totally different approach to analysing and completing a collaborative technology strategy.

Our team is made up of individuals with an average of 15-20 years experience across all IT disciplines. At heart we all started as engineers, and still keep a propeller handy, so we know how hard it is to improve automation and provisioning within a large and complicated infrastructure. But it can be done. We leverage the knowledge gained from completing automation and provisioning engagements with an ever growing list of customers across the region, to fast-track the creation of an automation strategy for your business.

Whether you self-drive or have us involved along the way, an informed Strategy will provide a detailed set of activities needed to implement a successful roadmap and a full ROI/TCO model to support it. An Informed automation strategy answers the important questions. Where do I start? How much is it going to cost? What savings am I going to achieve, what do I need to do? and how long will it take? Answers not Opinions, that's the Informed way. Want to learn more, why not get in touch.


We've all heard the stories about traditional industries being disrupted, Uber with taxis, Airbnb with hotels, Amazon with bricks and mortar retail, to name just a few, but what about IT itself?

The way consulting engagements or strategy are delivered today is fundamentally the same as it has been for the last 30 years. Information is collected via workshops (aka. mind numbing interrogations), the army of consultants disappear for 6 weeks and then reappear to deliver a PowerPoint/Word document who's size puts War and Peace to shame utilising the 'pay per page' model - the more pages the better right?...sound familiar?

The issues with this approach are many, but the most important is currency, as soon as you receive your deliverable the clock starts ticking. After 3 months it's out of date and after 12 it's irrelevant

At Informed the mention of Powerpoint, along with using phrases like "it's a journey", "the speed of business" or "paradigm shift" ensure a contribution to the swear jar. Whether you self-drive or have us drive for you, all engagements are delivered on our powerful software platform. This provides access on any device, to information that is always current, in an interactive and flexible way that changes as your business does. But you be the judge, take a tour