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Strategy for the new era of IT.

What We Do

We do things differently. Sure, you're thinking, different like every other "different" consulting company. At Informed we'll walk the talk with a totally different approach to analysing and completing a collaborative Technology,Automation,Data Centre,Cloud,EUC,Mobile,Infrastructure,Digital strategy.

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Execution Focussed StrategyCreating a clear connection between the strategy, the supporting financials and its delivery.

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The power of SaaSAll strategies delivered online, modify, collaborate and choose your own scenario.

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Actions not optionsA strategy that shows you the way, not provides you options and asks you to choose.

How We Work


About Us


Our team is made up of individuals with an average of 15-20 years experience across all IT disciplines. At heart we all started as engineers, and still keep a propeller handy, se we know how to write a strategy that is action not motherhood statements.

Have laptop, will travel

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland and a history of engagements across the globe, we'll be where you are at the drop of a hat.

Vendor & technology agnostic

We've worked for multiple vendors each with multiple technology solutions. Our strategy approach focusses on the right fit, not a pre-determined solution looking for a problem.